RGVN (NE) Microfinance Ltd has its footprints as a microfinance company for providing financial inclusion of the poor specially the women of the North Eastern Region and North Bengal. Pursuant to the formation of North East Small Finance Bank in Oct, 2017 which is the 100% subsidiary unit of our company, it had applied with RBI for registration as an NBFC- Core Investment Company and has received the approval w.e.f. 29th May, 2019. It has been at the forefront of financial inclusion efforts in the region and serves over 7 lakh customers currently through its sister concern North East Small Finance Bank. The company began its journey as a Society in 1990 and converted into an NBFC in 2010 and has furthered its vision of upliftment and empowerment of small borrowers through timely and prudential provision of small finance. There are various prestigious domestic and international institutional investors such as Small Industries Development Bank of India [SIDBI], SIDBI Trustee Company Limited A/c Samriddhi Fund, North Eastern Development Finance Corporation Ltd (NEDFI), Dia Vikas Capital Pvt. Ltd., Nordic Microfinance Initiative Fund III-Norway [NMI], Oiko Credit Ecunemial Development Cooperative Society-Netherlands, Pi Ventures, Bajaj Allianz, Rangsons LLP, Matterhorn Projects LLP and Brahmaputra Community Development Trust who have invested in RGVN(NE) MFL with a developmental focus.