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           "Serving the entire North Eastern region and impacting 5 lakh clients by
            the year 2017 and facilitating better access to health, education and
            livelihood opportunities".

           "Provide financial and other support services to the underprivileged
            households in the Northeast to improve their quality of life".

           * Good governance
           * Professionalism
           * Integrity & transparency
           * Client satisfaction
           * Community orientation
Volume and Profitability of Company

   * Insulate ourselves from giving multiple loans
   * Shall cater to all the needs of our clients viz. child education,
      medical exigencies including sudden death in family etc.
Basic principles

           * Shall continue to be the largest Institution in Northeast India & bring in 5 lakh clients by 2015
           * Shall deal with low-income people including the very poor
           * The organization shall be partly owned by clients
           * In addition to credit, stand committed to offer other related technical and financial services
           * Keeping our return on asset low, shall try to bring down the service charges proportionate to the business