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RGVN (NE) Microfinance Limited is a leading micro-finance institution operating in the north-eastern states of India. RGVN has been at the forefront of financial inclusion efforts in the region and serves over 200,000 customers currently. The Company began its journey as a society in 1990 and applied for a NBFC-MFI license in 2008. In 2010, the Company converted into a NBFC-MFI and has since furthered its vision of upliftment and empowerment of small borrowers through timely and prudential provision of small finance.
Institutions who have invested in RGVN are long-term investors with a developmental focus. With these long-term investors as anchors, the Company is well positioned to launch into the next phase of growth. The Company is adequately capitalized and would meet the capital adequacy requirements of 15% of risk weighed assets as prescribed by Reserve Bank of India. The investors are committed to staying invested in the future of the Company as it seeks to increase its footprint and convert into a small finance bank. RGVN, being a Board led organization; the investors themselves are actively involved in the oversight of the management. The Board members bring to bear their extensive insights into the North Eastern region and are continually supported by the investors as well as continue to share in the strategic vision of the organization.