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                                      Belguri Cluster (Rani)

Cluster Size: 25 members / 5 JLGs
Cluster Name: Belguri Cluster (Rani)
JLG Size: 5 members each
Cluster Location: 12 Km of RGVN Branch
Member Profile: Shri Marami Rabha
Found out about RGVN: From her friend

RGVN Loan Amount: INR 15,000, Loan Cycle: 5
RGVN Loan History: INR 15,000 in Loan Cycle 4, INR 15,000 in Loan Cycle: 3, INR 13,000 in Loan Cycle: 2 & INR 8,000 in Loan Cycle: 1
Bank A/c: State Bank of India (Savings A/c)
Children: 2

Financial Need:

    To buy piglets, constuction of shed
    Feed for the pigs
    Eduction of children
    Loan @ INR 1,432 p.m.

Primary Product: Piggery
   Process: 3 to 4 piglets purchased from the market on monthly basis and then sell them after rearing for 8 months.
Monthly Profit/Man including cost of labor: INR 10,000- 12,000

   C.P . of 2 months piglet = INR 2000 each, Feed & Medicine cost for 8 months/ per pig = Rs. 2000/-,
   Selling Price of 10 months old pigs = INR 10,000/- each,
   Man Days for selling of piglets : 8 months